Tornado Recruitment is a recognized Recruitment process (RPO) company in the UK. When it comes to recruiting high quality candidates, we offer you the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions and RPO services you need to tailor recruitment for your company. Every part of our RPO offering is designed around you. What makes us unique in the market is that we offer a complete recruitment solution that is designed to meet your needs—from sourcing strategies, technology and tailored implementation to geography, culture and scope

"Unlock the potential of your workforce with our exceptional recruitment services, tailored to find the perfect fit for your organization's success."!


What we do


The Tornado Recruitment team provides complete resume sourcing and screening solutions to our clients. We source through thousands of curriculum vitea’s from online job boards to find the candidate right for you. Using search engines, online communities and groups, we make full use of the age of technology for our clients.


Ideal for small and medium-sized recruiting companies looking to partner with a market leading company in the know. We conduct the candidate vetting process on your behalf, in addition to identifying prospective applicants to suit your specifications. Our team identifies, contacts and conducts all of the pre-screening processes of potential candidates before sending them off to you.


Whether it e have a very experienced and talented team of researchers that work to provide you with a high quality finished product. We can work with all fields of business and collect data from various sources to make sure that you have what you need. We will utilize all fields of study and work with you to decide exactly what you need. From there, we can determine the methods of data collection to use and then proceed with extensive research. If something needs to be changed during the process, all you need to do is call us. We can tweak our methods to fit the needs of your project. Ultimately, we want you to succeed and with our excellent data collection services, you will!


Need a list of contacts sourced from the web, social media or directories? Need to know what your competitors are doing and where you stand? Need a research data for projects? You're at right place as we can manage all these kinds of tasks with very high level of precision and accuracy.

  • Tornado Recruitment have impressed me with their professionalism and they certainly set themselves at a very high standard in the recruitment industry. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the Tornado Recruitment team absolutely understood what I wanted ......
    John Doe
  • Tornado Recruitment are truly one of a kind. Their impeccable organisation and knowledge made them a pleasure to work with. They took a friendly, non-pushy approach to recruitment and went the extra mile to ensure that our needs were ......
    Gordon Dale
  • With Tornado Recruitment what stood out for me was that I always felt like the most important person throughout the whole process. This unfortunately is quite unusual nowadays, particularly for graduates, and is in no small part thanks to the ......
    Tom Johnson
  • Dawn had an excellent understanding of the recruiting organisation and the role which helped her match my profile to the vacancy. Dawn went the extra mile to help answer any reservations that I had and was empathetic towards my existing work ......
    Joan Avina